Our UpdateCase APP gives your marketing staff -without any technical knowledge or HTML experience- all the tools to easily and efficiently add text and images to the website.

updateCase gives you the option of letting undoLogic or any web developer of your choice to focus on the more profound integral challenging aspects of website creation.

This allows both, marketing staff and professional programmers, to work to their full potential, an excellent arrangement that can save time and money, reducing technical debt, and launching the website sooner.

For your team

Technical and non technical people can manage a website together.

Custom Content Management System

We provide the tool to manage a customized website.

into any website

UpdateCase exports as a open-standard that can be integrated by any website.


Hours a day

degrees C

lines of code today

Website Design
Customized in line with our customers vision
Responsive design (Phone, Tablet & Desktop)
Source files of websites owned by customer
UpdateCase subscription gives software tools to manage content without HTML experience.
Uptime guaranteed for your website % 99.9+
24 / 7 ticket support for all hosting related questions
unlimited email accounts, 150 FTP accounts, 1000 GB / Month Transfer, 100 GB storage, 7 day backup, etc.
Update your website without HTML experience
Send eBlasts to your customers and monitor detailed analytics
Add locations to a map to allow your customers to find you.
The websites we launch are developed using an open-source framework (CakePHP.org). This allows you to manage your own website source files if you wish. The updateCase application is leased to you from us, which keeps your website very lean and cost-effective.
UpdateCase is backed by our support, giving you peace of mind
Basic support included in all plans and different support plans available to suit your requirements
Emergency support available off-hours to ensure uptime
You can cancel your subscription at anytime and keep the source files for your website. But keeping your subscription active gives you many great tools (edit content without HTML, eblast system, places locator, etc) to manage your online presence and get support from us: we will ensure your site stays online.

Managed business websites developed on an open-source platform customized in line with your vision

No HTML experience

Don't get bogged down by complex internet languages

Our SAAS application allows you to change text and replace images without any HTML experience. This is paired with a web developer who maintains the complex source code. This allows you to stay efficient and not waste time.

COLLABORATION - We support your team


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We offer different types of support to match your requirements.


Watch detailed YouTube video walk-throughs of our software. Follow along and understand how to use our system quickly and efficiently and on your terms.

Watch our videos

File a ticket and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Included at no extra charge in your subscription.

File a support ticket

Read-through our extensive step by step frequently asked questions.

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Get the help you need with our toll-free telephone support billed extra per the minute. Nights, holidays and weekends are billed double.